Extract from – “No Stone Unturned, The Path to Freedom”

S-1Chapter 2


There is an immense need for you to be here;

Your ever-changing story is to be told.

To shape it is madness.


If perfection is the acceptance of imperfection,

Then the only real choice is acceptance,

For unfulfilled choices are disappointments.


Our universal heritage is to prove one’s worth,

But your value is missed.

The simplest need of all is your experience.


Our value is tested throughout our lives with the effects of our upbringing, our culture and society, and our personal relationships heavily influencing this value. Our stories are all unique, and mostly we tell our stories many times. There came a point in my story and my experience whereby I made a choice just to accept things as they are. My life and who I was did not need to be any other way than what it was; it was perfect. In reaching that point, which I like to call the tipping point, I could see my value. My self-esteem took an upward turn, and my confidence grew. It was such a natural feeling, and I realised I had this value and self-worth inside me all the time. This feeling had been hidden by self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. My true nature became exposed, and my life had meaning.

It is common for people to keep trying to prove themselves. This takes up a lot of energy and that can hinder you from seeing your true value. In trying to prove ourselves we can develop a solid image with strong egoic tendencies. Image is such a strange camouflage that we hide behind. It needs constant attention, and it is draining trying to polish it in the way we relate to everything around us. When our life situations get challenging and our images get dented, we question our existence and sometimes ask ourselves why this is happening.

Old Patterns


Modern Architecture

You are calmly driving along a busy road and you hear a car horn. It gives you a fright and as you look in the rear vision mirror you see a car extremely close to the rear of your vehicle. The reaction to this situation can be strongly linked to our past experiences and the behavioural patterns that are embedded in us. This situation could be one of many throughout the day that trigger emotions and affect the way we respond. The question you could ask yourself when these emotions arise is simply “am I suffering”?

When the horn blows we could have thoughts of “what am I doing wrong” or “what is this moron tooting at me” or “shove that horn up your ____” or one of the thousands of thoughts that we have in any given moment. Thoughts are the by-product of our past, if they cause internal suffering we could offset them with new reactive patterns that bring us clarity and lightness. Old patterns are part of us. They have a deep effect on our perspectives and perception and they can be looked at in an appreciative loving gesture.                                          Patterns2

There are many situations that evoke unpleasant emotions like anger or frustration or fear. They could be the horn blowing or our partner making a scathing remark that cuts deep to our core. Developing new patterns can enhance our ability to let go of the thoughts that generate suffering. The problem is not the situation or the emotions that come but whether we choose to suffer; because suffering is just that, a choice. The situation is just another opportunity and a catalyst for change and growth.

It is of no consequence how our patterns get embedded in us, the important conscious decision we can make constantly is whether we want to suffer any more. If we see how our patterns create negative reactions we can change by redirecting our focus. I have found that self-appreciation occurs simultaneously with my willingness to change. Appreciation and gratitude are the heartening patterns of inspiration that naturally challenge any addiction to suffer. They bring us that much closer to unfolding the enriching option of inner peace.

Our old patterns developed slowly and were environmentally influenced. New patterns take time to develop as well, but they can form from the uniqueness of our own enlightened creation and not from an external source. As new patterns envelop our old ones, the question we can ask then is “am I enjoying myself”?

One thing is for sure, and that is all horn blowers are suffering and are blaming you for all their frustrations. You are making them later than they already are. You are annoying the hell out of them because you are not conforming to the way they want things to happen. They are stressed and are unconsciously trying to make you the same. Having the awareness to see this is not about who is right or wrong but rather who has a strong desire to “be the change you want in the world” (Gandhi). We are all like frustrated horn blowers at same stage in our lives where we blame someone or something else when unpleasant emotions surface. Responsibility, and not blaming heals the wounds of our past. A healing organic guided purpose puts us closer to harmony in a unified goal of an all-pervading peace.

Maybe next time you hear that horn blasting in the background of your consciousness you could let the emotions flow and do whatever needs to be done to be fully human and alive. It could be like me where I scream at the top of my lungs and then refocus to a calmer state. There have even been times when I cry after expressing my anger because I have found that at the very bottom of all the layers of my emotions is sadness and under that is fear.

After expressing my emotions and with new patterns firmly in place I add a strong desire to heal any separation in my pursuit of peace, both internally and externally. My main focus then is just to let it all go in a constant pursuit of lightness and my own unique enjoyment of life.

Isha Newsletter – The Measure of Wealth


Isha System

Down Under


By Steve Connor

The Measure of Wealth


We have been a bit low key here in Australia with meetings etc. so I thought I would send a newsletter to connect with you all. It’s important to keep our passion to our consciousness alive and well, especially when those unpleasant situations arise in our day to day lives. It could be as simple as a certain look from someone sending us into a jumble of thoughts that make us question and analyse. Consciousness gives us the ability to watch the thoughts and then choose differently and let them go.

A nice piece of news is the incorporation of Isha System Yoga into the system. As exercise is an important component of the Isha System I think this is a wonderful addition.

I want to send the students in Uruquay that are half way through their six months program a big hello and congratulate them on their commitment. They will be homesick and it’s always nice to hear from friends when you are missing your family. (Keep it going girls, we are thinking of you).

I have been fortunate enough to have an article published in a magazine and it’s the foundation of this newsletter. The magazine is New Dawn and it has many new perspectives to absorb. Maybe you would like to subscribe.


The Measure of Wealth

The wealth of a nation seems so fragile with all the different ideas and opinions on what is the answer to a harmonious way of living. Political and economic analysts are very creative in ways of describing our present state and which is the way forward. Like a court battle over a deceased estate the use of a nation’s wealth and resources have extremely strong emotions attached to them. It’s makes for interesting reading but can there be a blend of all perspectives working toward a common goal and what is that goal? As far as economic growth is concerned I like the unique approach that the country of Bhutan adopt to gauge their economic wealth. In a world where growth is based on material gains they base theirs on Happiness. As the environment suffers under the extraction of resources and confusion reigns in the debate of the right way to progress towards a bigger national bank balance is it time to do something different.

There is a precious resource or power in all of us that is largely untapped and it’s only through doing something different, like Bhutan has, that this can be extracted. The resource is the human potential to evolve and grow and be more. Most of us undervalue this potential with the kinetic energy being lost. The question is, why don’t we tap into this resource? In a time when New Age and airy fairy ways are more acceptable looking outside the square doesn’t seem that radical any more, all it takes is the courage to change. It’s not a matter of changing others because that just does not work. Trying to change others and saving the world takes up far too much energy and, at best is like a very annoying party trick. There is an ignorant and at times an anxious resistance to change but the reality is that the only thing that doesn’t change is change. Everything external and internal shifts and moves and evolves but the mind tries to stay in control and keep things static. We all have the power to do what’s needed. We all have moments of brilliance when our power or wealth is exposed and to ignore this is missing the best investment of our lives. 

Until now we have been under the illusion that we mainly progress in the materialistic approach. This is based on the reliance of an outside resource of which there is no lasting adaptable future. There is an attraction to this reliance, of which I am no exception, it is a matter of whether we are prepared to take full responsibility and rely more on our own resilience. Confidence in our abilities is like a wobbly intact edifice that is prone to crumble at the drop of a hat. Each one of us has the potential to gain riches from an internal exploration and stand alone in the acceptance of the unexpected. Expecting the unexpected is a heartening phrase to live by. Each day can have many unexpected events and the present moment can be like a roller coaster ride. Confidence comes when we throw our hands in the air and enjoy the ride. Then each day becomes brand new and we can create whatever we want with it.

The obstacles to moving closer to full potential is the all consuming self-sabotaging, pessimistic and negative thoughts that persist. These thoughts create disharmony and conflict and hinder real growth. They are also the catalyst for the fleeting ideas and opinions that stimulate further disharmony and conflict. Thoughts only have power if we give them power. The question is, are we ready to make deep change so we can see this.  Appreciating ourselves can expose our power. Our own value or wealth is then available to use. If our focus remains on our misused value we rely on our needs being met externally. Electing a new political party in the unconscious belief that they will do better or fix things is an example of relinquishing our power and value. This is a way of not taking responsibility thus leaving the door open for blame and unsubstantiated criticism. Outward criticisms are met with inward criticisms.

Astrologists are giving us an opportunity to think differently as they show us the road to a new era. They herald the beginning of the Aquarian Age and the end of the Piscean Age. This is an age of wisdom, peace and harmony. You could call this period the Age of Responsibility. An age where we don’t look outside of ourselves for the fulfilment of our heart’s desires, we just go deeper into the depths of our being to expose a natural resource. The beauty of this is that there is no detrimental effect on the environment. It’s a time to take action and not just gain more knowledge through the abundance of self-help books that are out there. External wealth and resources are gained through taking action but we lag behind poorly with our internal resources. We are all conscious of the illusion of materialism and the emptiness this brings but we keep holding onto our attachments with a herculean strangle hold. Even those that have enormous wealth say it’s not about the money but we keep money in the fore front of our insecure ways. Letting go of our attachments can be very challenging. It’s not a matter of letting the attachments go but the letting go of the thoughts that limit us to the belief that external wealth gives us what we truly want. The opportunities that are on offer in this Aquarian Age are numerous and if we are prepared enough to explore the power within us these opportunities will manifest.                 

As with all natural resources internal wealth has many by products. A major one being the healing of external separation and by that I mean the separation we have with everything and everyone around us. External separation is the main cause of conflicts and disharmony on a personal, national and international level. The beauty of healing external separation is that internal separation heals as well and we become that much closer to our true nature. Internal separation happens slowly over a life time and is the product of the need to survive the hostilities of the big bad world we encounter from a very young age. It’s a world fuelled by the effects of external separation and how we become separate from each other. Even though this happens the opposing pattern of trying then to attach ourselves to others is met with indifference depending on how strong our urge to be loved is. Healing internal separation basically means we feel better about ourselves and this promotes a feeling and a taste for the unity of all. As the saying goes heal yourself and you heal the world. Like any food we like there is a strong desire to taste it more and more. I am not saying anything new here I am just updating what has been said for thousands of years. It comes down to a simple fact of are we ready to change and explore the depth of our souls.

There is an obvious need for material wealth and resources to be appreciated and managed but to lessen the effect of differing opinions on this, moving toward a unified goal is essential. All that’s required is a conscious effort in dropping the ego and the need to be right and prove. Material wealth and resources can be likened to the ingredients of a cake. We can get great satisfaction out of the making and finally enjoy our unique creation. If we change and grow by using the abundance of our internal resources and wealth as well we can truly have our cake and eat it to.


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Oscar and Poppy’s Adventure.

Oscar before his transformation

The Adventure

Oscar and Poppy set out on a quest that would take them into the unknown and deeper into the Here and Now. They would encounter many challenges and intense fears that would test them but they had faith in themselves and knew that together they would succeed and their courage would prevail.

They started down a dark path and it wasn’t long before they came across a divided track. One would take them along a river to the Broken Nose track, the other to the top of a magnificent mountain where the path is much harder but this is where they heard the Divine Master might live and they hoped that if they were prepared enough he would give them the wisdom to help them in their quest. Oscar looked at Poppy and without a word being spoken they both headed off up the mountain track for they both talked and dreamt about one day meeting the Divine master. They had built up enough mental muscle and physical strength to deal with any difficulties that lay ahead.

On their journey they came across deep ravines, steep passes, scary creatures, friendly natives, beautiful birds feeding their young and even some other brave adventurers that were pushing their limits.

In their backpacks they had some supplies of fresh fruit and water but it wasn’t long before they consumed all of this and so they began to doubt whether they could make it to the top as they still had a long way to go. Poppy said to Oscar. “We know from our experiences that if we let our doubts affect our decisions we will fall into the trap that many others have done and that’s to loose the belief in yourself.” They sat down and looked around them and they could sense from the natural beauty of the bush that belief comes to those that choose to grow more and more. They pushed on.

Oscar hears a strange sound

As they rounded a huge sandstone boulder a strange noise echoed through the narrow path. Oscar was scared but a calming peace came over him when he saw a beautiful light shining from a nearby cave, Poppy felt this peace too. Could this be the Divine Master? They fell to their knees and felt a sensation running through their bodies, then a deep resonating tone was heard, “I am what you have dreamt about, you have followed your hearts and you are now home with me and it’s in coming home that true strength lies. You will now be given your own unique marks and a spirit name and it’s with these that you will be able to access secrets from the ancient scribes. Oscar, from now on you will be called Ghost Roaster and Poppy you will be called Acceptor of the Now. Know that it won’t be long and you will experience the first secret. The secrets are all what we already know but it’s with bravery and the want to be more that the secrets will now embed deeply into your being.” The Divine master then vanished.

Acceptor and Ghost Roaster with the Ring of Change
Acceptor and Ghost Roaster with the Ring of Change

Ghost Roaster and Acceptor of the Now felt a renewed strength and pressed on and indeed it wasn’t long before they saw a bright glow in amongst the trees. Without hesitation Ghost Roaster ran toward the glow and picked up this perfect shaped orange ring. As soon as he touched it he new what it meant. He took it to Acceptor and he to touched it and said “This is the Ring of Change that the old story teller in our village told me about. He said that if you ever touch this Ring you will know what you need to change to help in your quest to go deeper into the Now.” Ghost Roaster said ” I will let go of the limits I put on myself, what will you change Acceptor ?” Acceptor answered, ” I will appreciate and love myself more”. They sat again and took in the beauty that surrounded them and they knew what this all meant.

Gaining an energy they had never experienced before they made there way upward and nothing seem to cause them any fear. Their belief in what could be achieved was very strong now, all they needed was to trust in themselves and set no limits. They soon reached the top of the mountain and Ghost Roaster looked out over the view and was taken by the vastness of the openness below. He saw a sign and it read Sublime Point, at which he said “We have reached the top of the mountain, truly a sublime point. I have realised another secret that really isn’t a secret but something we all know but need to learn over and over again and that is, it is not about the destination but the journey we choose to take and how we move through that journey “.

Ghost Roaster on the top of the mountain
Ghost Roaster on the top of the mountain

Aceptor said, “Lets rest for a bit and look for something that will give us more energy to continue on our journey “. They saw a small hut and with some small change that Acceptor had, they bought a maxibon and a weiss bar. Ghost Roaster thought of his journey and felt at peace with himself and said to Acceptor, “Another secret has been revealed to me, we are all divine spirits with infinite potential “. Acceptor thought about this for awhile and said, “I am ready to explore some more, lets go “, so they both walked down another path into the unknown.

Ghost Roaster and Acceptor of the Now hoped that many others will join them in their quest to go deeper into the now and let go of all limitations and maybe one day, just maybe, you will join them. You may even see them in your dreams as you come home to the Now, the only place we ever truly need and could it be, as Ghost Roaster said, that we are all Divine Spirits with infinite potential. We may even all be able to become Divine Masters, if we believe enough.

Ghost Roaster, a Divine Spirit with infinite potential

A letter to My Mind



True Self 2014

Dear Mind,

You have been with me all my life and you have developed into a very strong part of the mind, body and spirit trilogy of this life. You have guided me and taught me how to survive. You directed my being and slowly formed me into the person I am now. As I write these words, which you are helping to construct, I realise just how much you have taken control of this beautiful trilogy of mind, body and spirit. This is your attempt to keep my life-story going but in doing this you have become too dominant. You became overly excessive to the point of self destruction. Any excess is obvious and to see this clearly all that I needed to do was observe the influence you have on me and the self sabotaging thoughts that you generate. With this awareness I could look at myself truthfully without self judging or criticizing, just acceptance. As I did this, with the aid of the truth, I slowly gained acceptance of the flow of life. You tried to force me to go with this flow in your own controlling way but controlling wasn’t the answer, surrender was.

The hurts and pain that I experienced have influenced the way you make choices and you taught me to avoid the feelings and emotions that arise from the suffering of being hurt. Other more pleasant emotions that came you happily expressed them but this imbalance of expression, with the painful emotions being hidden, caused me to become numb. Suppressing the hidden treasure of emotions was to be my downfall and if the spirit in me didn’t become a stronger part of my choices my existence became under real threat. The spirit taught me to listen to my heart, face my fears and let your voice fade with it’s building negativity. Even though at first this was terrifying the rewards have slowly come. Now I feel all there is to feel and I have unwrapped the gift of emotions. I am no longer numb and as I use you instead of you using me I open myself up to all phenomena, especially the experience of Love.

The spirit in me, as well as the needs of the body helped me to realize again that my structure needed changing. You made this structure far too rigid and as history has proven time and time again, rigid structures are always doomed to fail and fall. With many realizations the spirit has slowly shone through given me the meaning and purpose that I seemed to always be searching for. I know I had to go through all my experiences to see this. My search and the way you have helped me survive have bought many wonderful experiences and these have shaped me to the person I am. Part of my purpose now is to share as much as I can of these experiences, for to share is to bring unity and it’s unity that will bring forth the one emotion that we are all looking for and that’s Love. It’s sad that we all try to find it in something or someone else. The truth is real Love, with no conditions, can only be found inwardly and it’s then that Love will flow outwardly. The overwhelming desire to find Love causes so much pain and suffering, of which you play a major role in the universal mind. This has become very excessive indeed but as I have said all excesses are obvious, it’s just a matter of the will to change with the spirit shinning through to guide us all.

You have guided me till now and I am grateful for the way you have taught me and helped me to survive. Wishing and wanting have been formed as a by-product of your guidance and I simply use the power of choice now rather than wish or want something in my life to help gain fulfillment. It’s not that I am ungrateful for what I have but as I let go of the patterns and the attachments that you formed in me I realize that my reliance on them for my happiness became greater than the attachments themselves. Together we have created many wonderful attachments with the Love of those closest to me being the most wonderful gift of all.

As the structure of the mind, body and spirit of who I am becomes balanced I am inspired by the imagination, intuition and creativity that seems to easily flow through me now. I feel blessed by this natural ability. With the gratitude and acceptance of each other, Dear Mind, together we can form a new way. The old way has taught us, the new way will guide us.

The few obstacles that hold me back now and obstruct the urge in me to create are quickly processed by the ritual that I perform daily, a ritual that was always in me and that you are helping to develop . At times the obstructions are many but the underlying faith of what I do heavily influences the actions that we now create together. Believing in one’s self is so powerful. There has always been a ritualistic belief system that has been taught over and over again by many great masters, all that’s needed is for the uniqueness of the individual to add to its essence.

I now have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. We can work together Dear Mind and I look forward to what our now enlightened relationship will bring.

Love True Self.


Are you a Somebody or a Nobody ?

Somebody, Anybody

          The other day I saw what looked like a somebody being filmed in a city cafe. I could not quiet recognise the somebody but that did not matter because I thought he must have been a somebody because of the attention he was getting. I noticed there was a lot of what you could call nobodies walking by but they did not stop to look at the somebody so I thought maybe the somebody is a nobody and the film crew were deceived into thinking that he was a somebody. After seeing this I wondered if it could be that among the nobodies there might be somebodies. This could be the case because the so called somebody started looking at the nobodies who went about doing whatever they were doing as if the somebody was not even there. It really got confusing when, what seemed to be a nobody, walked up to the somebody and started talking to him. The film crew then started to leave and the nobody and the somebody got up and walked among the rest of the nobodies. After all this I am determined in my quest to find out just what makes a somebody and what makes a nobody.


There are times in everybody’s life that they feel like a nobody and it is in these times that shape who we want to be. In the effort to be a somebody I think a so called nobody creates many different masks. It is with these masks that can give us a false sense of being a somebody. It is great to feel like a somebody, you tend feel happy and spread this feeling among others, making them feel also like a somebody. So there is a need for us all to feel like a somebody and it is possible to have a real and true sense of self when you are a somebody without a mask. 

I have come to the basic conclusion that everybody and that could be anybody is somebody even though they may think they are a nobody. I may doubt this conclusion in the future, especially when I feel like a nobody, so I wonder if somebody, anybody, is out there that could help me with this. Anything and everything will help but that is only if we all do something about this now because if we do nothing, nothing will happen. 

Yours in the pursuit of Happiness.