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Self Love

The higher you value yourself, the greater is your energy and passion. With more energy and passion, your meaning and purpose is then laid out clearly on your spiritual path. 

This concise book will give an insight into how the important aspect of self-worth plays out in our lives. Your self-worth effects all your relationships, especially the one you have with yourself. By becoming more aware of how you value yourself, you can begin to heal any negative gaps between what you think of yourself, and the true reality of a person with unlimited potential.

Self Love

50 Steps to Freedom

“50 Steps to Freedom” is an inspirational autobiography that blends ancient wisdom and philosophy with modern spirituality. It’s a must for those with a strong desire to follow their heart.

50 Steps to Freedom

The Reluctant Messenger

This inspirational autobiography is a real page-turner that will show you how to leave your old paradigms behind to live a life of joy and abundance.

We all have a gift, Alan opened his, are you prepared to open yours?

Ignite the spark that lies within you, buy a copy of The Reluctant Messenger today!

The Reluctant Messenger

Love and Truth

A story of adversity, young love, relationships affected by war, a spiritual awakening, and a story of love and finding the truth of what life is all about.

Love and Truth 


Here is an extract from Stephen’s autobiography “50 Steps to Freedom”


There is a reason why you are holding this book in your hands. The reason could be one of many. You may be going through a turning point in your life or a crisis, or you may be searching for something different. Or maybe you are just curious with instincts that seem to be guiding you in some way.

There is a common trait that drives us all, and that is the strong urge to be “more” and evolve. By more I mean to be progressive and be the best we can. This instinct led me on a journey to the opening of my heart and to a clearer perspective. The journey would not have been possible if I had kept rejecting my heart’s calling. The key to this opening has been the will to change and to take the necessary steps to end my suffering and finally follow my heart.

This book is about finding self-love and how appreciating yourself is the beginning to this discovery. You are richer than you think, and I hope you feel that now as you give gratitude for who you are and the life you have experienced. Self-love and appreciation are true riches; they are your true nature beneath wherever your mind and thoughts take you.

Thoughts are the genesis of life’s dramas and dreams. They are the co-creators of the scenarios and mental movies we direct and produce in our minds. As the directors and producers of these movies, we have the power to change how they unfold. If we are aware of this power and how deeply our thoughts affect us, we can control what role we play in each scene.

There were many moments when my thoughts were obsessively soul destroying and self-sabotaging. They created a false reality in which I played only a minor role in the movie of my mind. This role was one of survival in which I would unconsciously camouflage my negative thoughts and emotions in an attempt to live a happy life. True reality is the major role I can now play in a film called Thriving—Not Surviving.

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